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Hart Wineman Koller founded Rescue Revolution of Mississippi in 2014. Her experience of caring for neglected and unwanted individuals goes back to her undergraduate days when, while attending classes


Keeping your dog's skin and coat in healthy condition is one of the most important things you can do. Choosing the best dog food isn't always easy, especially with so many kinds of foods on the market. It can be even more difficult to identify the best puppy food because puppy food is so different from adult dog food.

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Originally from the Mississippi Delta, Hart graduated from St. Joseph High School in Greenville, MS in 1996. She moved to the Jackson, MS area in 1997 to attend Belhaven College. While in college, Hart volunteered for various animal rescue organizations in the Jackson area.


Dogs are many things to many people. It is one of the things that make things seem easy sometimes. They are man's best friend, as a fact. There are times when you would like to have a pet, a dog...

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If you ask most owners of dogs what is the most stressful for them, it is guaranteed that it will be something they cannot think of. Oftentimes when a dog is diagnosed with OCD, owners expect the best and wait to see if there is a upside to the disorder.

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MYTH - YOU CAN'T T BARF YOUR DOG. FACT - Dogs will eat virtually anything, including commercial dog food, which is often far more harmful than BARF. MYTH - It will be too expensive to feed your dog the BARF diet. FACT - realistically you can't expect to pay more than $30 a month for a good quality commercial food, a...